IGN Wii-k in Review January 18

I was waiting for Alkaline’s summery to come in, but there’s still no sign of it. I’m going to post another but RMC wanted you all to know its not confirmed. It looks pretty legit to me!

Milabrega’s Summary:

-Bozon and Matt do incredible voice impression of NeoGaf Wii-k-in-review summary people.
-Decent Chewy impression

NPD Talk:
-They do not know the Pink to Red Breakdown of DS sales. Bozon prefers the pink.
-PS3 sold very well, “Its all those games they had”….. Crickets
-CoD4 is blowing away Halo 3. And Wii Play is pretty close.
-Peer thinks a nintendo track version of guitar hero.
-First has to be guitar hero aerosmith then guitar hero winger?
-Wii games is ten games to every system sold
-Wii software outsold 360 software sales
-No More Heroes- Bozon 75,000. Matt- 60,000+

-Bid farewell to Retro’s man

-No Online Mode
-3 Months ago a vast online mode was planned
-They would like voice chat

-6 Players Online
-Was 8 players, originally planned 10, but framerate issues forced the reduction
-Again they want voice chat.

Nintendo’s Stance on Voice Chat:
-Nintendo wants parents to listen in on voice chat.
-May not be attached to a persons ear, may be something else.
Bully Wii:
-Same game as the Ps2
-If you liked it then, or were interested and didn’t give it a shot do so now
-Rockstar Reps didn’t know Brawl would be pushed right around their release

-Bozon takes a great shot at Matt/Perrin/Reggie about the big 3 all coming out by the end of ‘07

-Matt; “Aboslutely going to give you a good Workout”
-They think its going to be huge here
-Don’t import, a lot of japanese text to get around the game
-May not have a push up counter on the board, that pushup was a part of a compound exercise

Endless Ocean:
-Co-Op online.
-Like a free roaming Pokemon Snap
-You can join a friend’s game in progress, they are notified and must surface before you both can dive in.
-You can’t swim the vast ocean, you move your boat to a dive spot and go from there. Invisible wall lets keeps you bound in the dive area.
-Cool, Very relaxing, Chill game

Matt and Boz Wii Project:
-Blackout isn’t a WiiWare game, its boxed retail.
-A major publisher rep, “dear god Matt, your a father now, we can’t have the child’s mother dieing in the first minute of the game”

-Peer “My friend told me about this new establisment that opened up in our town in Germany, its $50 Euro, all you can eat/drink and one free prostitute”. Bozon and Matt are huge fans of this establishment.
-Bets on Next-Gen Wii Console:

-No company has been as agressive with a wii game since Red Steel.
-Ign to third party publishers “put some damn money and effort into wii games, they’ll sell” Big emphasis on that the publishers need to market.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
-1:1 controls
-Top 5 Best looking game on the Wii
-May not make it in 2008

-Lots of suprises from Square we’ll be suprised (No excitement or attempt to hype in the voice of Matt when he said this)
-What Third-Party games do we Know about? Response: Well theres quite a few.
-DQ:Swords on rails hack and slash not a full DQ game

-Nintendo will eventually announce something, guarentee that it will make you happy, its the light at the end of the tunnel.
-They also expect Pikmin and AC. AC much more than Pikmin.
-Mario Kart Q3 even Q4. Not going to be Q2, but hopefully it is that means they’ll have something nice coming this christmas.
-Some developers are looking at JonnyLee ( the wii head and figure tracker guy ), he may not even know it.

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