RUMOR - Factor 5 working on Kid Icarus for Wii


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Having Factor 5 back on the Nintendo side of things is great. It’s even better to see them working on a Wii title. If only we knew what game they were working on! Well, our friends at Kombo say that they’ve got that info from an inside source.

How would you feel about a Kid Icarus game for the Wii? I’d love to see the character revived…moreso than his appearance in Brawl. When I start to think of the possibilities of a new Kid Icarus, I get just a little giddy! Would Nintendo really offer up the license to Factor 5? We know that they are a dev team that can really squeeze some wonderful things out of hardware. Their Cube titles prove that. When reviving a Nintendo franchise, Nintendo would have to trust the developer a hell of a lot to do something like this. As we stated, it’s all rumor for now.

Ever since the news broke on Factor 5 and the Wii, people have been speculating on what game they were making. I’v heard rumors of a new Turrican, another Star Wars title, and a very compelling argument for Factor 5 and StarFox. Now we can throw Kid Icarus into the mix. Do you guys think this rumor will turn out to be true, or is it just another one to add to the pile?


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