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New Internation Track & Field - Simon Belmont and Pentarou

by rawmeatcowboy
01 February 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Simon Belmont
Title: Castlevania
Age: 38
Home: Transylvania
Likes: Light and Truth
Dislikes: Bloodsuckers
Event: Focus
Simon is the definitive hero of the Belmont lineage and the most prominent protagonist in the Castlevania game series. His adventures began when Count Dracula awoke in 1691 and started terrorizing the people of Transylvania. They sought out Simon to fulfil the Belmont legacy and to defeat Dracula. However, Dracula was not so easily vanquished and would return to Transylvania to terrorise and terrify the locals. Simon has earned his reputation by appearing in more titles than any other of the series’ hero characters. Typically in each game Simon will use a devastating whip to defeat hordes of evil creatures in Dracula’s haunted castle, however, the enemies in New International Track and Field are time and distance and they will not be so easily bent to his will.

Title: Parodius
Age: 12 (they only live to 15/20)
Home: Antarctica
Likes: Fish
Dislikes: Octopus
Event: Focus
When you are talking about penguins in videogames there is only really one name: Pentarou. Justly famous from the Parodius series of shooting games, he is the son of the penguin referred to as just “Penguin” who originally appeared in Antarctic Adventure. Penguin had a chequered career with a short stint as a professional table tennis player, then a spell working a desk in an office filled with typewriters led to a ballooning weight problem. His girlfriend Penguette even considered dumping him for another penguin named Ginji. But thankfully this romantic hurdle was overcome and a son and heir was eventually produced. Pentarou also acquired a mate in the Parodius series; a female penguin named Hanako, meaning “little flower”, and every garland he receives for his athletic prowess during New International Track and Field is dedicated to her.