Hillary Clinton = Donkey Kong Country 3

Equating Presidential candidates to video games? Sure, why not!


Hillary Clinton - Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! - No, this title selection is nothing as defamatory as labeling Hillary Clinton a monkey. The Donkey Kong Country series of games were huge blockbusters at the time of their releases. In fact, many viewed them as the best games ever with their slick pre-rendered graphics and not-too-extreme patforming gameplay. Still, as the series progressed gamers grew weary of the titles. By the third title’s release gamers were no longer sure they wanted more Donkey Kong Country. Worse still, hindsight had caught up with the first two titles and they no longer seemed quite so perfect or revolutionary. By the third title’s release gamers were seeking change, and some mild gameplay gimmicks were not enough. Still, many consider it the best of the series.

Click over to see what other games the candidates line up with.


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