Surfer Girl takes the safe bet - Pikmin sequel inbound

I have been a very good boy lately. I stopped posting Surfer Girl rumors…it’s been quite some time. Today though, one little bit popped up. In all honesty, this is the safest rumor she has mentioned yet. I really don’t consider it a rumor…more like an inevitability. Surfer Girl has gone on-board, saying that Pikmin 3 is a go. We heard about Pikmin sequel rumors a long time ago, with some of the information actually coming from IGN. We just keep getting teased over and over again concerning a Wii sequel, and now Surfer Girl has thrown in her two cents.


It’s not so much news in a sense that Surfer Girl knows the truth 100% of the time, it just seems that she does get bits right now and then. Is she an insider, or just a lucky gal? I don’t have the answers to that. Her track record isn’t great, but it’s not abysmal either. When it comes down to her Pikmin rumblings, I just can’t help but post. My main motivation in doing so is that…I really, REALLY want Nintendo to announce a sequel. Keep your fingers crossed for E3.


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