Reggie - GameTrailers TV E3 interview transcribed

Reader Andrex was nice enough to transcribe the E3 portion of Reggie’s interview from last night. Check out the back and forth below.

Geoff: Microsoft announced Gears of War 2, but for Wii… what do we have coming out later this year?

Reggie: See that’s why you need to go to E3 this year.

Geoff: I have to wait til July??

Reggie: We’re gonna unveil the whole second half during E3, I mean come on there’s more than enough to get people excited.

Geoff: Is there a new Mario, new Zelda…? We gonna see any of that stuff this year?

Reggie: I’ll tell you this, we’re gonna have great new content maximizing all of our key franchises. It’s gonna be a good second half. There’s gonna be a big game for the holidays that the gamers will want.

Geoff: We know nothing about it, it’s a total secret right now?

Reggie: All I can tell you is what we announce during E3 is going to be fantastic. The gamer’s gonna be excited, and the expanded audience is going to be excited. We’re gonna have a ton of great content. There’s really-

Geoff: Donkey Kong coming back, what can we see?

Reggie: You know… I’m not gonna go there.

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