*RUMOR* Sony patents Wiimote-like PS3 accessory?

This rumor popped up a few weeks back, but I held off on posting it. Now it appears once again with a little bit more information, so I figured it was time to hop on the story.

The Swedish gaming site Game Reactor is reporting that Sony has filed a patent for a “cylinder like” accessory for the PS3 that mimics Wiimote controls. It seems as if this accessory will work alongside the PS3 Eyetoy camera to track a player’s exact hand movements in 3d space. It will also be able to determine how the accessory is being held and turned as well. Sounds a lot like the Wiimote to me! This will stay as a rumor for now, until we can get some concrete info that this patent exists, and that this is indeed how it works. Huge thanks to Hazmik for the heads up.

Just a quick note…this type of technology was on display at E3 by a third party company, and could be utilized by any console/pc that had a camera available. It is unknown whether the company has signed deals with anyone at E3.


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