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Nintendo Power review scores, news (Trauma Center 2, World of Goo WiiWare confirmed)

by rawmeatcowboy
31 March 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

For my own sanity, can anyone with the latest issue of NP confirm the existence of Trauma Center 2 DS? Shoot me an email! I hate April Fools’ Day…


Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - 9.0
Battle of the Bands (Wii) - 7.0
The World Ends With You (DS) - 9.0
Teenage Zombies (DS) - 7.0
Puchi Puchi Virus (DS) - 7.0
Okami (Wii) - 7.5
N+ (DS) - 7.0
Summer Sports: Paradise Island (Wii) - 3.5
Minicopter: Adventure Flight (Wii) - 6.5
Rondo of Swords (DS) - 6.5
Castle of Shikigami III (Wii) - 7.0
MLB 2K8 Fantasy All-Stars (DS) - 6.5


Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 (DS, Atlus)
World of Goo (WiiWare)

Finally, a new Trauma Center on DS! On top of that, a confirmation of World of Goo for WiiWare. For some reason, the devs were being all dodgy about it, even though it’s mentioned on the website for the game. Last, a 7.5 for Okami…what gives?!