Game magazine explodes with Wii coverage *New Wii/MP3:C info!* *UPDATE*

Reader Fozziebear53 was walking around his local Blockbuster Video, when he was smacked in the face with Wii goodness. He found a game magazine called Hardcore Gamer Magazine, one he (nor I) had ever heard of. It automatically drew his attention because of the cover, which featured the Wii.


The mag has an 8-page gushing review of the Wii. They cover the console, controller, and all the games we have heard about. I will include a few of the pics Fozziebear53 sent, I don’t want to get in trouble for posting the entire mag! Although these are pictures and not scans, making it very hard to see the text. They more than get the point across either way.

*UPDATE* - I guess I could have posted all the pics of the magazine, they offer it free for download on their website! You have to have enough points to download the issue, and I am not sure how you go about that. Click HERE to find the download.


The mag even has an interview with Retro Studios, asking them about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This interview takes place after E3, and includes some exciting new info. Fozziebear53 sums up the key points of the article for us.

“Demo was impressive, intense, and once we became used to the mechanics, a blast to play”
“New Corruption mechanic having to do with ‘phasons’”
“Implimenting a ‘Weapon stacking’ system similar to that in ‘Super metroid’, you will be able to ’stack’ beams on top of each other in a way that you will continue to have the same power as the previous beam, but the new beam will be will be added on top”
“Context sensitive events like in RE4″
“No (or very little) scanning, more focus on interaction with motion controls” (this art is sort of vague)
“Can’t discuss plans for speaker at this time”
“No multiplayer freatures planned, but very excited about Wiiconnect possibilities”
“New costumes for samus (not functional but just for looks)”
“set ‘a few months’ after the events of Prime 2″
“no hunters from ds version in the game but ‘plenty of new hunters’ in prime 3″

“Hardcore Gamer Magazine: In terms of graphics I know the Wii isn’t trying to push the boundaries of next generation with visuals, but how would you compare it to the previous titles on Gamecube? Are you guys adding new technical bells and whistles?

Mark Pacini (Retro Studios): The graphics have been upgraded considerably. We have more memory, and with the new GPU/CPU architecture, you’re going to see a very noticeable difference in the quality of visuals.”

More memory added to the Wii since E3? Very, very interesting! Huge thanks to Fozziebear53 for the awesome find, and even better coverage.

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