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Finally! Sam and Max 100% confirmed for Wii - retail release compilation!

by rawmeatcowboy
03 April 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

Remember when we caught wind that Telltale was interested in the Wii? Remember how we told you to get in touch with TellTale to let them know you wanted to see Sam and Max on the Wii? Remember how Telltale saw the support, and told us to voice our opinion to Nintendo? Remember how Telltale told us to stop contacting Nintendo, because Nintendo actually got in touch with Telltale due to the response? Well today…it pays off…it finally pays off. Check out this bit from GameSpot…

Telltale Games is hoping to stoke the Sam and Max resurgence even further. Today, the developer confirmed for GameSpot long-standing rumors that it would be bringing its episodic series to consoles, and specifically to the Nintendo Wii. The canine-lagomorph combo’s debut on Nintendo’s console will come in the form of a port of the PC first-season compilation, from pilot episode “Culture Shock” through to “Bright Side of the Moon.”

Telltale representatives said the game’s release on the Wii is due in large part to fan demand, in particular an e-mail campaign launched prior to the debut of the Sam & Max episodic series on the PC. Rumors and speculation of a Wii port helped spark publisher interest in bringing the series to Nintendo’s platform.


It’s really happening…Sam and Max: Season One for the Wii, due to hit Europe and NA this Fall. Congratulations guys…we made it happen. Now…back to that pesky Bionic Commando!