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Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

- hassle other people in your house
- directly control strongbad
- homestar has been caught for indecency, so he is hiding out with strongbad. Stongbad doesn’t want him there
– dialog handled by pop up bubblles
- strongbad receives emails, which can be used to start off new storylines as well as objectives
- use cellphone to make crank calls
- make your own comic strips with things that you collect
- ranked depending on how well you are doing
- teen girl squad is in the game as well
- play retro games
- hold wiimote NES style to play classic-style games
- every episode has at least one classic-style games

World of Goo

- 2 people developing the game
- no office to work in
- used to work for EA
- multiple chapters, each chapter with 10 to 12 levels
- multiple story arcs as well
- each level teaches you something new
- aim is to get as many balls into a pipe as you can, all by building towers of goo
- storyline involves finding out why you need to fill this pipe
- pipe goes to world of goo factory, which changes goo into various products, including lubrication product
- different ball types, such as balls that are lighter than air
- ivy balls: once placed, they can be detached again
- music is completely original
- multiplayer support for two players, possibly four
- game is a metaphor for 2dboy, and their journey through the world of devs/pubs
- each chapter is a different season
- chapter two revolves around wind and beauty
- new trailer shown, fantastic music, very dramatic

All done here, presentation over! TIme to go to the summit floor. I’ll catch you guys later on.

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