*RUMOR* Surprise developers, here are your Wii dev kits!

Nintendo can see their first place throne…it is within reach. They remember the days where they sat in that throne, the untouchable king. Times have changed, and Nintendo is changing with them. They want that number one position, they want to prove they can bring in new gamers…and they want to show that gamers are ready for a new way to play.

So if you are Nintendo and you want developers working on the Wii, how do you accomplish this? How bout you start surprising developers with Wii dev kits! That’s exactly what the current rumor is. Development houses are opening up mysterious packages from Nintendo, only to find Wii dev kits inside. How could you not, at the very least, tool around with the thing?! If this rumor is true, then it is a very bold step from Nintendo to really push the Wii to third parties…and a very cool one at that.


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