*RUMOR* Fusion tour dates hiding Wii launch?

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Ah, the weekend…where we get to discuss stuff like this. In all honesty, it really isn’t that bad of a guess! Something I didn’t notice while looking at the Fusion Tour dates. Cam2009 writes in…

If you look at Nintendo’s Fusion Tour lineup, there is never more than one day in-between locations, except from

Covington, KY (10/1) to
Philadelphia, PA (10/4),

and Las Vegas, NV (10/28) to
Spokane, WA (11/2)

In between those dates? 10/2 and 11/1…the two top rumors for Wii release…maybe we shouldn’t be arguing about which one is right, maybe there’s something big happening on each of those dates?

He makes a very good point, those are the two biggest rumored dates…it my book anyway. Very nice job picking up on that! What do you guys think?

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