Camelot can't stop teasing Golden Sun (and a bit of promotion from me)

A portion of an NMag interview with a Camelot rep…

NMag: The last question is the one you probably hear in every Interview: What about Golden Sun? Any Plans on that great franchise?

Camelot: Yes, we hear this question quite a lot! We hear it not only from fans but also from our design staff as well. The pressure is certainly on! We think this is natural, since our company was founded as a RPG developer. We hadn’t even released any other kind of game before making the original Everybody’s Golf for Sony. We are very happy that Golden Sun has received so much love from fans. It seems to be one of those games that people really latch on to. We will never say that the Golden Sun series is dead… If we said that, then some of our excellent staff members might quit on us! Then we would have to make a new Golden Sun game just to get them back! Please be patient, who knows when a new Golden Sun game will appear on the horizon?


I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that I am once again teaming up with the great staff at NMag. I’ve worked with this gang in the past. NMag had a short run as a print magazine, but as you all know, the print world is a very tough one to get a foothold in…especially when it comes to gaming news. Since the print magazine has disappeared, NMag has shifted gears. NMag will now be an free, interactive E-magazine that comes out every two weeks. The staff has once again invited me back to write articles for them, and it’s my pleasure to do so. Now, you can check out the new homepage HERE, and get the first issue HERE. Unfortunately, there is no English-language version just yet…but you can still look at the pretty pictures!

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