Peter Moore - EA is building content for Wii instead of porting down, looking to the future of the Wiimote

“We weren’t delivering the experience (to Wii users). We have to make it a little more approachable to allow them to get in early and quickly. We can’t port content down to the Wii, we need to start building for the Wii from the ground up, that’s what we are doing this year. Innovation could come through more intuitive use of the Wii remote. Can I get the Wii remote in 2010 to feel speed and have the ball react to it? That’s just blue sky stuff, but that’s some of the things you might see. We are still looking at ways we can replicate the experience without it being too difficult.” - EA’s Peter Moore

Say what you want about EA as a whole, but I don’t think you can argue that they aren’t trying their best with the Wii. They really are reaching out to the market…or at least, trying to find it.


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