KORE coming to Nintendo Wii

KORE is an original platforming game based on the premise of three different characters stuck inside a robotic suit that enhances and amplifies their individual abilities. You take control of Pixie, Madboy, and Rex as you explore a magical and whimsical world to fight back the Krank brothers who are attacking from the center of the Earth. Luckily, the invaders are so stupid that they mess up their own battle plan, buying you some time to find and if possible destroy their doomsday device. Have you got what it takes to take on the evil Kranks and their army of mutant maniacs?

“KORE”, formerly known as “The Kore Gang”, is based on an original concept created by swedish studio ZOINK Games. ZOINK had originally partnered with game development house UDS to produce the game for Xbox. After UDS went out of business, the project was taken back to the drawing board. In 2007, ZOINK partnered with game developer SnapDragon Games to bring the game to Nintendo Wii. In the process, the game was redesigned, many new features added, and the visuals overhauled to create an experience that will take
platforming on the Wii to the next level. Klaus Lyngeled, Creative Director at Zoink, is the creative force behind the project: “KORE stands out not only for its rich gameplay experience and signature art style, but also for its wacky scenario and sense of humour. During the last years, a vast amount of work has gone into the design as well as into
the story and cinematics, and I am sure the audience will appreciate the way we poured our heartblood into it.”

Christian Von Duisburg, CEO of SnapDragon Games, comments: “KORE is an incredibly powerful IP and we are proud to be working on this high profile title.

Thanks to Hero of legend for the heads up!

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