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Wii release date announced tomorrow?

by rawmeatcowboy
13 August 2006
GN 1.0 / 2.0

I heard about this story in my email yesterday, and because of site troubles and podcast happenings, I didn’t have the chance to post. The story was an interesting one, but it needed a scan to back it up. It seems that a scan has now appeared, so let’s dig into this rumor!

Apparently Virgin Megastores in Europe, among other stores, will be getting Wii countdown clocks installed tomorrow. If this story turns out to be true, then we will indeed find out the release date of the Wii…in Europe anyway. That is, if they install these clocks and turn them on! Who knows, maybe they will install them and keep them off until the date is announced by Nintendo. You can check out a scan of the newsletter below. Click the thumb to enlarge. HUGE thanks to Mepster for the info!