Johnny Lee offers up more Wiimote ideas

Johnny Lee became the talk of the Nintendo community when he showed off his head-tracking idea using a Wiimote. The idea even went as far as being implemented into a retail game, only to have the feature pulled at the last minute. Now, Mr. Lee has returned with some new ideas. No videos this time, but some very interesting ideas. Check the link below for the full article.

Laser Tag using Wii remotes

If you put IR leds on each of the Wii remotes, they can see each other. So, you can have a laser-tag like interaction just using Wii remotes – no display, except perhaps if you wanted a big score board. You’d have to validate which Wii remote you were shooting at, which you would do using some kind of IR LED blink sequence for confirmation. Just wire up the IR leds to the LEDs built into the Wii remote, so you can computer control their illumination.

Full article here (thanks Meophist!)

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