Twilight Princess Wii controls changed!

I don’t know about you…but when I first heard that Twilight Princess was going to the Wii, I automatically pictured myself swinging the Wiimote as if it were the Master Sword. I was surprised to see that things weren’t going to be that way. Now here I am early in the morning, surprised once again. It looks like Nintendo has made a few tweaks to Twilight Princess Wii controls since E3.

IGN is reporting that in Miyamoto’s recent interview in Nintendo Dream (posted below), he also discussed some changes made to Twilight Princess. The biggest change to the controls is that now you will be swinging your Wiimote as if it were Link’s sword. I personally am VERY excited with this new change, it is exactly how I envisioned the Wii version from the start. Nintendo had said in the past that they were worried gamers would get too tired playing a Zelda title like this, but it appears they have had a change of heart. Miyamoto himself is all for the new idea stating, “Upon actually playing it, it’s more interesting this way.”

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I know this will most likely be a huge point of debate in the already raging war of TP GameCube versus TP Wii. I rarely state my detailed opinion of news stories on the site, but I felt I would throw in my two cents here. Yes, you may get tired while playing like this, and yes it may be more stressful…but I like it like that. I want to feel like I am actually Link, that I am actually doing what he is doing. I want the sweat dripping down my (fat Irish) head, getting in my eyes…I dig the thought of that intensity. I am ready for a Zelda challenge unlike any other. Once again I state that that is just my opinion. I completely understand and respect the other side of the arguement. I am sure there are plenty of people who don’t want to play TP this way. I guess this new decision may make the choice of purchasing GC or Wii TP a little bit easier!

Those aren’t all the changes though. Nintendo has also switched the firing of your bow and arrow from the D-pad to the B button. The B button used to be the button to control your sword, but as you now know, that button has been freed up.

What a great story to break just before I head to bed. HUGE thanks to Joe for hitting me up just as I was closing my email, I can’t thank you enough! Man am I looking forward to waking up and reading the comments that come out of this story!

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