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Reader Aaaaaaa (with extra thanks to Lf_Sickman) was nice enough to put together a list of sites where you can check out either live cam footage, or some form of coverage for Nintendo’s LGC event, “Wii Prove Our Promise”. I added a few links in myself! You can check out all the links for LGC goodies, as well as staying at GoNintendo (and this story specifically) for up to the minute text updates. Please don’t spend too much time refreshing this story…we know how often the site likes to crash! Our LGC updates will occur within this story, below our selection of links.

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LGC webcams (Nintendo’s event will be taking place in Hall 5)

IGN’s coverage

Giga Live Coverage (video) (apparently this one will not be showing LGC footage until much later)


Eurogamer live text coverage

AMN live text coverage

GWN Live text

*UPDATE 1* Matt Casamassina’s blog was updated with an invitation to a Nintendo event taking place on September 14th. You can check out the (mostly blurred) invite by clicking HERE. Could this be the date and place where Nintendo finally unveils the Wii release date and price? Huge thanks to NDA for the heads up. Since Matt made a post about the event, I guess this means I can mention it as well. Just a couple hours ago I received the same invite from Nintendo. I will be on hand to cover the event live.

*UPDATE 2* 9:40AM: Crowds starting to gather for Nintendo’s “Wii Prove Our Promise” presentation. Rumors on the ground here in Leipzig suggest several never-before-seen games from EA and possibly from other publishers will be unveiled here today. Just 35 minutes now until the presentation begins. (at GWN website)

*UPDATE 3* 10:05AM: The buzz is picking up with international media now converging on Hall 5 to hear Nintendo deliver their presentation. 10 minutes to go! (at GWN website)

*UPDATE 4* 10:16AM: The presentation is about to start. (at GWN website)

*UPDATE 5* # 1:31 a.m.: Speaker takes stage and promises “surprise” announcements

1:32 a.m.: Goes over Nintendo’s plan to capture non-gamers (IGN)

*UPDATE 6* * 1:35 a.m.: Says Nintendo is going to explore new areas of game development (IGN)

*UPDATE 7* 10:36AM: Speaker now talking about Touch Generations and how it attracts non-gamers (18%), pc gamers (24%), and a whopping 42% new console gamers. (GWN)

*UPDATE 8* 10:47AM: Guest speaker mentions his love of Brain Training and says he plays it all the time. They hit play and a video appears on the screen of the TV presenter guest speaker. He is playing a DS Lite. The game is Dr Kawashima’s Gehirn-Jogging. (GWN)

*UPDATE 9* 04:48.46 -

Aha - now they’re talking about speaking English. On October 13th, they’re going to launch “Learn English” on the DS. They’re about to do an on-stage demo.

04:49.19 -

Well, “English Training”, then. It tests the level of your English skill - if you’re German, obviously.

04:50.37 -

You listen to the text and then write it on the lower screen, the faster the better. Mystery TV Man tries a few lines, and the program duly reports that he’s “OK” at English, while playing sad, mournful music. Tom is threatening to storm the stage. We should be fine as long as he keeps his pants on :( (Eurogamer)

*UPDATE 10* 04:56.01 - Pink DS Lite, across Europe, October 27th. (eurogamer)

*UPDATE 11*5:01 Trailer reel! Lots of DS games - Super Mini Mario World (seems to be a part of Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2, not a new game). 42 All-Time Classics. Tenchu. Pokemon. (Eurogamer)

*UPDATE 12* 5:02 Big Brain Academy, New Super Mario Bros. LOUD MUSIC IN MY EARS. Hotel Dusk 215 (adventure, side on). English Training. Starfox Command. Tomb Raider Legend (also looks side-on). Sudoku Master. Brain Training again. That’s it. (Eurogamer)

*UPDATE 13* 5: 07 Sorry, we dropped out for a minute there. You didn’t miss anything terribly exciting - they basically ran through the demo of Zelda DS from GDC last March, showing off stuff like drawing a squiggly line on the ocean to direct a boat, drawing an hourglass to open a door, slashing stuff in a top-down dungeon, and so on. (Eurogamer)

*UPDATE 14* 5:11 Dear lord - dancing men! And women. They’re flailing around the stage with Wii controllers. One of them looks a bit like Vin Diesel. Tom has identified the music as N.E.R.D. - I’m not sure why he knows that. (Eurogamer)

*UPDATE 15* 5:12 Now they’re demoing the Wii. More comedy Double-you-Double-eye from the translator, despite Bernd explaining the phonetic spelling. They’re explaining the console to a seven year old girl.

“Do you play games sometimes?” “Sometimes, yes.” “Do you own a Nintendo DS?” “No.” Oops. (eurogamer)

*UPDATE 16* They’re playing a round of Wii Sports Tennis. The little girl is holding her own, actually. Mystery TV Man isn’t. (eurogamer)

*UPDATE 17* A new game! At last, a new game!

The boss of Nintendo Germany is on stage to introduce a new sports title. “Sport is currently the new trend at Nintendo.” A message from German footballer Philip Lahm. He’s playing on the Wii in a football strip. (eurogamer)

It’s a Mario Smash Football / Super Mario Strikers title by the looks of it. They’re going to play it on stage now - they first choose captains. Bowser, Peach, Mario and Donkey Kong are selectable, and then they pick companions and a stadium.

*UPDATE 18* It’s called Mario Strikers Charged, apparently, and Philip Lahm is VERY excited about it.

They’ve chosen Thunder Island as the stadium. “Rated: Lethal!” Woo! Here’s hoping for messy fatalities. It looks very similar to Super Mario Strikers, graphically. Shot from the side and above, and very similar shooting mechanism. (eurogamer)

*UPDATE 19*It’s got special moves - super shots. Mario leaps into the air and fires the ball down from the sun. Another player holds up his hands, using the Wii controller to block. (eurogamer)

*UPDATE 20* 5:19 Balls appear at points on the screen, and you have to drag the hands to their position to block in a split-second.

It’s 2-2. The entire crowd sits transfixed. Another super shot… And it’s 3-2 to the new guy! End of demo. (eurogamer)

*UPDATE 21* 5:20 “We are convinced that you will enjoy it, and you can try it out on our stand.”

Another new game!

Battalion Wars 2. Cleverly abbreviated as BWii. Do you see what they did there? DO YOU? (eurogamer)

That will also be playable on the stand. Now they’re talking about third-party support… Listing all the publishers working on the Wii.

EA, SEGA, THQ, Activision, Namco, Konami, Square Enix, Capcom and Ubisoft logos flash up.

Time for another trailer reel, kids. This one looks like the video Nintendo showed at TGS last year (which was videoed from the perspective of the TV screen to show people playing games with the Wiimote), but with game footage cut into it. It’s showing Wii Sports Tennis at the moment.

*UPDATE 23* “Wii prove our promise.”

That seems to be our lot. So, in summary - the actually new things from the last hour were… Mario Strikers Charged; Battalion Wars 2; a pink DS Lite on October 27th; and about 300 pictures of a model with erect nipples on Pat’s camera.

The End

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