Sim Animals - details (Sims take on Viva Pinata)

- ‘woodland ecosystem god game where Disney-style characterisation meets the teeth and claws of the Discovery Channel’
- scrollable environment
- pick up plants and animals
- care for the animals to maintain their happiness level
- clean pollution to keep animals happy
- maintaining the food supplies is important as well (nice vegetation for rabbits, preventing fights between animals)
- you play as the creator’s hand
- animals will attack/be scared of your hand at first
- animals must learn to trust you
- maintaining an ecosystem is important
- encourage animals to band together and create families
- become friends with animals, and they may reappear later in the game
- 25 animal species and 50 plant specimens
- rare seeds to plant for special effects
- 4-player local
- animals will remember which player treated them nicely/poorly
- Wii and DS in 2009


Tags: ds, wii


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