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MS: Our Avatars are Better... They Have Necks!

by rawmeatcowboy
16 July 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

From an interview with Microsoft’s Chris Lewis and David Gosen:

Gosen: So we’ve got a really active community already, and what we need to do is create an identity for those people. Personalisation isn’t really new - we know people want to personalize their experience. Now, the avatars we’ve got are Xbox avatars, and they have arms, necks and legs, which other people’s avatars maybe don’t.

Sounds like when Vanilla Ice was saying that he didn’t rip off Queen. (”Queen’s goes dum dum dum dudu dum dum… whereas mine goes dum dum dum dudu dum dum chk… they’re totally different!”)

Full Interview

(Thanks MojoMagic!)