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The Story

Spectrobes is Buena Vista Games’ newest, exciting franchise, a futuristic sci-fi story wrapped into addicting and fascinating gameplay. The protagonists of the game are two young officers of the Interplanetary Patrol, Rallen and Jeena.

Upon discovering the mysterious, prehistoric species Spectrobes, they find out that these creatures are the key to fighting a mischievous and cruel force that attempts to destroy the galaxy, called the Krawl. Our heroes embark on a mission, to save the galaxy by excavating, reanimating and training as many Spectrobes as they can find. Only the Spectrobes can defeat the Krawl.

Developed in Japan, Spectrobes is a dynamic, Anime-inspired Action RPG with an unique blend of remarkable characters, exciting story and innovative gameplay. It’s suitable to players of every game and takes advantage of every interactive feature of the Nintendo DS.

Important Features

* Real-Time Combat: Rallen and two allied Spectrobes fight together in exhilarating battles against the Krawl. Each Spectrobe possesses unique skills, which can be combined with the power of another Spectrobe.
* Excavation: The players need to discover and collect new Spectrobes and elements by finding fossils. As soon as a fossil is found, the DS stylus is used to dig out the Spectrobe. Dust is swept away by blowing into the microphone.
* Training and customization: The player reawakens the Spectrobe with his voice. Different virtual environments will be available to train the newly excavated Spectrobes, and the choice of the environment influences the creature’s skill development.
* Wireless community and multiplayer modes: Players can exchange Spectrobes and elements via WiFi, and battles can be fought via Ad Hoc. Additional downloadable collectibles are planned as well.

(I am currently working on getting some un-watermarked character art)

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