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With each weekend that passes by, I get happier and happier. I think as I get older, I appreciate the weekend a lot more. It’s the best time for sleep, yet I want to stay up as much as possible! I want to slow the progression of the weekend by any means possible. I know I can’t really slow time, but I can make it seem that way! Here’s to the start of a fantastic weekend for all. I am going to grab some rest, and I’ll see you all in a few hours. Don’t forget to watch your Saturday morning cartoons!


Reader Makaveli sent in some pictures of his sleeve of Nintendo goodness, as you can see in the pictures above. Gaming tattoos are nothing new, but they are becoming more and more popular as the years go on. I am seeing all sorts of gaming tattoos nowadays. It really shows you just how deep our passion is for the industry, the games, and everything else included.

I have talked numerous times about my interest in getting a gaming tattoo. I want to get the Triforce tattooed on my left hand. Yes, I know I am the furthest thing from Link, but I can pretend! The thing is, my pure hatred of needles is keeping me from getting it done. When I think of the tattoo, I think of two things. First off, I picture how awesome it would be to have that symbol for the rest of my life. I know that I am never going to ‘fall out’ of gaming, and the Triforce will always mean something to me. Second, I keep imagining the pain of the needle. Seems silly to stay away from doing something that would give a lifetime of pleasure, over a half hour of pain.

I’ll get the tattoo done someday soon, I swear it. I should set a time frame for myself, and not back down. I should fill you guys in on the date, and have you all harass me to get it done! That’s the sort of motivation I need to head into the shop and get my ink.

Enough about me, what you about? Do you have a gaming tattoo, or do you have plans to get one? I know that some of you have some truly fantastic gaming body art, and I would love to see all you can show. Link us to some pictures in the comments section…but keep the pictures clean! If you aren’t old enough for a tattoo yet, tell us what famous character/item/game you are planning to get, and where.

Also, if you think the idea of a gaming tattoo is completely ridiculous, feel free to share that opinion as well!

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