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The following information comes from the product listing pages from YesAsia and NeoWing. Thanks to Tom for the heads up!

The Adventure Part :Communicate with the island’s inhabitants

-The inhabitants are Nintendo characters that didn’t make it to stardom

Mimin Island’s inhabitants are minor Nintendo characters that never quite made it to “star” status. They live on this island trying to make their wishes come true.
Hikari (from Shin Onigashima), Birdo (from Super Mario USA), Mappo (from GiFTPiA), Takamaru (from Nazo no Murasamejou), Little Mac (from Punch-Out!!) and other Nintendo characters await you!

-Communicate with the inhabitants - Enjoy the island life

You can cater to their requests, or fish, or do what whatever you want. It’s all up to you. Don’t be surprised if you get some pretty demanding requests all of a sudden. You can go fishing or bug collecting or even help with somebody’s golf swing. Help people out and you may get Earth Crystals called Kirarin (Sparklies).

Captain Rainbow is a game that mixes action and adventure; it’s an action adventure game.

The Action Part: Fight for the wish-granting “Stars”

Collect lots of Kirarin (”Sparklies”) and a Star will fall from the sky. Thrilling action awaits as you carry the Star to the island’s altar while chasing a mysterious silhouette to claim the Star for yourself. Attack the Sihlouette, or dodge its attacks to stop it from stealing the Star. If the Sihlouette gets you, be prepared for some relentless button pushing to win the minigame.

-Will it be your own wish? Or someone else’s? “The Altar where wishes come true”

If you get the Star to the Altar, any one wish will be granted. Will it be your own or someone else’s wish? Make the ultimate choice.

Scenario A
Grant an inhabitant’s wish
The inhabitants that have their wishes granted will leave the island and it’s back to adventuring for you.
Scenario B
Grant your own wish
You’ll get to be a popular super hero once again. But what about the rest of the Mimin dwellers?

Which will it be? You know what a true hero would do…


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