EA talks Tiger Woods 09 All-Play, plans for MotionPlus in next year's Tiger, a time when they contemplated their own gyroscopic device, EA console rumors, and much more

A few excerpts from a very juicy Videogamer interview with associate producer Greg Rinaldi, EA Tiburon…

VideoGamer.com: You guys are talking about the 1:1 motion on the swing in Tiger Woods 09 on Wii. Were you aware of Nintendo’s MotionPlus before it was announced at E3?

GR: No, we wish we were. It’s interesting. I’m a big fan of Nintendo. I have a lot of respect for those guys. I think they’ve done amazing things for the industry. If it wasn’t for Nintendo there would be no games industry. So I think the fact that they were able to take a risk that they took on something like the Wii was huge. They showed they weren’t willing to go with the flow. They showed that they were going to go in their own direction, and a lot of people doubted them, but they kinda… I think they prevailed in the end. Microsoft and Sony are holding their own, but Nintendo is showing, hey look, we’re still in the game, and we’re still the ones that are going to…

: Do you think it could revolutionise sports games?

GR: Absolutely. I think it could revolutionise video games in general. I’m surprised that Nintendo is able to make it affordable. A gyroscope is an expensive piece of equipment, so they must have a good partner working with them. We were discussing what it would take to get a really real swing, and they were like, well you’d need a gyroscope. I did some research on my own, and gyroscopes are pricey. EA isn’t in the business of creating peripherals, but it’s something we toyed with a little bit. I say leave it to the people like Nintendo. They know what they’re doing.

VideoGamer.com: I’ve always wondered why EA doesn’t release its own console.

GR: We do games (laughs). Obviously it’s way over my pay grade (laughs). I know there are rumours about it and this and that, but we do games and we do games well. That’s something that we should really focus on.

There is a lot more discussion on the game itself, as well as EA’s take on the Microsoft motion-sensing controller rumors. Check out the full interview here

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