2K Boston - There's nothing preventing the complexity of BioShock on Wii

“It seems like, on the Wii, there’s some education necessary for a large part of that demographic, in terms of, ‘Here’s why you should want to play this game, instead of Wii Fit.’ Every time I pick up a new game, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, they’ve changed the controller mappings again,’ and now I’ve got to, you know, reconfigure my head, just so I can start to enjoy this game. With something like the Wii, You just pick it up, and it’s natural. I don’t think there’s anything preventing the game complexity of BioShock from being on the Wii.” - 2K Boston tech director Chris Kline

Well then, someone needs to get the ball rolling on this project! Who should I talk to to start pestering about BioShock Wii!? I am sure you guys would love to join in with me for some rallying.


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