Battalion Wars 2 ONM info

Keeping in stride with how I have been handling Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) scoops for some months now (much how I handled ONM’s Sonic issue), I will discuss the information that can be found in the issue, but will not provide any scans, or links to scans.

Yesterday we came to find out that ONM’s big story of the month would be a 10 page spread on Battalion Wars 2, which was just recently announced at LGC. Along with new screenshots/artwork, you can find much more info on these subjects.


Controller schemes (many options as of right now)
Info on sea/air battles
More discussion of multiplayer modes (skirmish, co-op, assualt)
A discussion on how the Wii enables a more detailed game (bigger environments, better graphic detail)
Details on story (a storyline that takes place in the past and present)
Taking control of other character’s armies

Lots of goodies to be found out in the newest issue. Make sure you check it out!

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