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It starts...people complaining about MadWorld's violence

by rawmeatcowboy
12 August 2008
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‘This game sounds very unsavoury. I hope the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) will view this with concern and decide it should not be granted a classification. Without that it cannot be marketed in Britain. What the rest of world does is up to them. We need to ensure that modern and civilized values take priority rather than killing and maiming people. - John Beyer, director of pressure group Mediawatch-uk

I am just about ready to give up on humanity. We are living in a world where more people worry about their teenager playing Grand Theft Auto than they do drinking or watching porn. How can parents not have a problem with their 17-year-old drinking?! Now, we have this guy crying about a game he’s never played. Once again, a person that doesn’t understand gaming at all. I am so sick of this stuff.

Full article here (thanks Berryz Fields!)