IGN Minute Vol 34

IGN updated their Nintendo Minute feature later then usual last night, so I missed it in our IGN Updates. You guys can check it out in all its glory below.

This week’s question: How will you get my Mom to play Wii?

George Harrison, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications: I think it’s clear that Nintendo DS has laid the foundation for all kinds of new gamers to start playing. Games like Brain Age have successfully tapped into the senior and baby boomer market, a segment of the population that has been all but ignored by the video game industry.

Wii has the potential to be even more successful, because it has a lot going for it. First, it’s intuitive for anyone to pick up and try. If you’re playing Wii Sports titles, it’s easy to jump in instead of trying to figure out a complicated series of buttons . Just swing the Wii Remote like a bat to hit a baseball, or hold it like a golf club to tap in a putt. Nothing could be easier.

Wii is also a more social gaming console. You can imagine parents and even grandparents watching kids play and saying “I can do that.” Pretty soon, different generations of the same family are all playing together and your grandfather is giving you a run for your money in baseball. In addition to Wii Sports, we expect to have a variety of titles that appeal to a broader audience, just as our Touch Generations brand does for DS.

Once Wii comes out, we’re confident that you, your mom, aunt and even grandparents will enjoy Wii for its entertaining, social and intuitive gameplay.


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