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Another Wii portable screen

by rawmeatcowboy
14 August 2008
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* Portable LCD screen for Wii features a built in sensor bar
* Simply clips on. No modification to your Wii is needed
* Screen: 7 inches TFT LCD
* Resolution: 480(W) X 234(H)
* PAL/NTSC (auto switching)
* Aspect Ratio Adjustability
* Flip picture upside-down for creative mounting options
* Adjustable Picture Settings -contrast, brightness etc.
* Fan Grill Hole so your Wii Won’t Overheat.
* Nintendo Wii Direct AV connection
* Auxiliary Stereo AV Connection (3 x RCA)
* 2 x USB for Nintendo Wii
* Built-In Stereo Speakers
* Power Source: 12 VDC (Car Cigar Lighter Adaptor Included)
* When not using in your car, you can use the standard power supply that came with your Wii
* Dimensions: 25862×156mm (LxWxD)

More details here