German Nintendo magazine interviews

Reader Verve was nice enough to go through and translate/transcribe some excerpts from interviews found within German Nintendo magazine N-Zone. There are a lot off snippets below, make sure to check them out!

Rayman Interview, Loic Gounon (24), Senior Coordinator Ubisoft Montpellier

NZ: Many Rayman-Fans expected a classic Action-Adventure. Why did you decide to make a minigame-collection?

LG: We clearly preferred the thought how to create a unique gaming expierience that uses the innovative Wii-controller in a good way. So we had the idea to design 70 diversified minigames that are fitted to the crazy story. There are, amongst others, shooter-levels with Wild-Wild-West-Setting, racing sequences, dancing sections in an Elvis-dress and many other challenges - and believe us: We built dozens of cool parodies into the game, so that every player will have fun!

NZ: Will all games be available at start?

LG: No, this won’t be the case! You will only be able to choose out of a little part of the minigames at start. In story-mode, you follow the plot, that is kept together by rendered sequences and you get access to new disciplines while playing.

NZ: Will Rayman Raving Rabbids use Nintendos online-service Wii Connect 24?

LG: We can imagine to make some minigames downloadable after release. The player then has the opportunity to load more disciplines when he knows the more than 70 planned games for retail version blindfolded.


Far Cry Interview, Fabrice Cuny, Game Designer Ubisoft

NZ: Far Cry made an impact on PC because of its impressing graphics. Is the Wii-hardware able to show similar brilliant graphics?

FC: We all know, that Nintendos Wii is not that performant as the most high-end-PCs, the PS3 or the Xbox360. Wii is revolutionary because of the unique gaming experience. The device although has enough power to show beautiful graphics and Far Cry will be the perfect mix of great optics and unique game-feeling.

NZ: What about the story? Kann we expect a stranded person on an island full of DNA-experiments, monsters and soldiers again?

FC: I don’t want to give away the story, but it’s background is inspired by Far Cry Instincts Evolution, but there are several big differences. You’ll meet new characters, new enemies and so on…

NZ: One thing, that causes Red Steel to stand out of other shooters is sword fighting. In which way will Far Cry offer unique gameplay-elements?

FC: Jack Carvers wild abilities cobined with the Wii controller will be a unique experience! Imagine, you’ll be able to cause a “wild attack” by swinging the controller. Far Cry Wii will be more sweeping than ever!

Cars, Monster 4×4 World Circuit, and Red Steel goodies after the jump.

Cars Interview, Joel Goodman, Senior Producer THQ

NZ: We just saw the first generation of Wii-titles. After you developed Cars for Wii, did you personally have thoughts for other games that could use the unique controller?

JG: The Wii controller has so much potential when thinking of integration of elements that make gaming experience unique. Even the racing-genre, which is our first contact in developing for Wii, will see many different, innovative control schemes. For Cars we worked with several control methods and although not all of them worked, we definitley increased our creative understanding of the controller.

NZ: Wii bases on Gamecube hardware with some improvements. Which technical gimmicks can now be realised that weren’t possible before?

JG: With the bigger Wii-power, we could create a game that runs in 16:9 widescreen mode with a resolution of 480p and constant 60 frames a second. This results in a much richer, sharper look. Because of the added memory, we could achieve twice the resolution at textures and hold loading times down. We could also use better shades and blending-filters than before.

NZ: Do you think that simple games like Wii Sports could arrange that non-gamers get into even more complex games?

JG: Absolutely! It’s solitary about gamemechanics in games - no matter which genre it is. The accessibility of the Wii controller is only one of the strengths of the new Nintendo console. If you have a simple game like Wii Sports that bases on a common sport and combine it with the Wii remote, there becomes a good initial point for all those that aren’t familiar with controllers and videogames in general.

NZ: Which Wii games will you personally get at launch? We assume you buy a console at launch, do you?

JG: Yes, I will definitely buy Wii at launchday! I’m already very excited of all games, that THQ has for launch and will play all of them together with my son. And of course Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess impressed me very much in this years E3 in Los Angeles - these are games I’m of course also looking extremely forward to!


Monster 4×4 World Circuit Interview, David Darnes, Producer Ubisoft Barcelona

NZ: What are the features of controlling Monster 4×4 World Circuit and how will the title stand out of other racing games?

DD: The controls of Monster 4×4 World Circuit are accessible, intuitive and unique as they transport emotions directly to the player who holds the Wii remote like a steering wheel in his hands. The gameplay was created from scratch so that the game uses the motion sensors perfectly. In addition to steering left and right, the player has to push the remote forwards to gain speed. Furthermore, stunts can be performed e.g. by rotating the Wii remote. It’s amazing that vehicles convert the
movements without delay.

NZ: Monster 4×4 was released for Xbox in spring. How hard was it for your team to add Wii-specific controls? How much time did you have to improve the Xbox-version?

DD: The biggest difference between Wii- and Xbox version are the conrolling mechanics that Nintendos controller offers. We already knew before that it would be a challenge, so we worked hard from the beginning. We had about 6 months to improve the Xbox-version. And we are very happy with the results, because we created a game, that runs with 60 frames a second in contrast to the Xbox-version.

NZ: Some developers say the technical power of Wii can be compared to the Xbox. What’s your opinion to that topic?

DD: Well, the architecture of the consoles is different and programming them is very different. Overall, we gain a constant framerate of 60 pictures a second on Wii and this with about the same amount of data plus some optimizations. Moreover you always have to keep in mind that for nearly all developers it’s the first contact to Wii and we will be able to get a lot more out of the console in future.

NZ: Could you imagine that the game will support WiiConnect24 in any way?

DD: Yes, we plan to use this feature indeed. A download-functionality for additional vehicles, that offers special vehicles on christmas or halloween for the gamer would be possible.

NZ: Do you plan to port the game to PS3? What’s your personal opinion to the motion sensors of the PS3-controller?

DD: No, we won’t port Monster 4×4 to PS3. What’s up to the controller, I can only refer to the past, where it was shown that nintendo a great machine of new ideas that inspires others, of course. And it’s not the badest thing for this industry (laughts).


Red Steel Interview, Sephanie Langlois, Sen. Coordinator Ubisoft Paris

NZ: Hi Stephanie! How did the E3-feedback change your work on Red Steel?

SL: We of course took the ideas of the fair-visitors in Los Angeles to heart and adjusted controlling and level design according to them. These changes affect mainly graphics and level-design - of course also the controlling was in focus and we tried to get the best out of Wii remote and the nunchak. There will also be a multiplayer mode, that’s played in split screen!

NZ: In Red Steel, there will be no blood. Was this a decision of Nintendo or why did you decide so?

SL: No, it wasn’t a decision of Nintendo - we discussed it ourselves and decided together that it’s all about gaming experience. We didn’t want to design an extremely brutal ego-shooter, but a ame, that appeals to as much people as possible. This is why we pass on blood-fountains!

NZ: Wii is not as powerful as Xbox360 or PS3. Which hardware limitations did you notice?

SL: It was clear from the beginning, that Nintendo wouldn’t take part in the race of Sony and Microsoft. For us, the request was to conceive a game, that proves impressively what you can doo with Wii hardware with creative ideas.

NZ: The levels in Red Steel are very interactive. Which influence has the destroyable environment to gameplay?

SL: It’s right, that we wanted to be the game very interactive. If we for example step into foyer, we hear music from a radio in the room next to it. If we shoot the device with our pistol, it ends up in smoke and the sound effect gets more silent accordingly. Or there’s a level where an anime runs on tv. Such details were very important for us to create an authentic feeling.

NZ: Good success at last fine-grinding!

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