The REAL deal on Spore for Wii/DS, straight from EA

As you all know, today has been a pretty big day for Wii info. There is all sorts of info coming from many sources. Last night it seemed to be kicked off by IGN’s Wii Mailbag feature, which said that Spore for the Wii had been confirmed. We were all left scratching our heads, wondering when the confirmation happened! Then the next morning we come to find out that UK Magazine NGamer had the same information, as well as some DS talk. I think many of us were surpised as to all this info popping up, with not a word from EA! If you were up in the early morning hours, you saw that I was hunting all around to find out where IGN got its info, plus confirm the NGamer stories as actually being printed. A busy morning indeed!

Well that all has changed now, no more need for hunting! I was lucky enough to get an official statement from EA on the topic of Spore on Wii and DS. Check it out below.

EA Logso 01

“Right now we’re 100% focused on finishing SPORE on the PC and PC only. Though we’re investigating the possibilities of bringing the franchise to other platforms in the future, any announcements or confirmations for the Wii or any other platform would be premature.”

There you go, the official word from EA. As to the IGN Wii Mailbag and NGamer info, I cannot explain how those came about. I am going to trust EA’s word on Spore…seeing that they are the publisher! EA also promised to keep me in the loop with any future announcements concerning Spore on Nintendo platforms…so once it becomes official (if it does) we will know! Huge thanks to the team at EA for providing me with the official statement.

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