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Iwata interviews Wii development team Part 3

by rawmeatcowboy
10 September 2006
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Once again Okok has given us a wonderful translation of the article, this one wrapping up Volume 1. Takea peak at the translation below, where you can also find the original link. Thanks to Youwei for the heads up as well!


Precisely, Because We Have a Clear Goal, We Can Creat Wii

Iwata : This interview makes me feel anew that setting a goal is very important. Even though when the goal is unexampled one.

Takeda: That’s right. Without firm concepts, Wii wouldn’t become like this.

Takamoto: From my point of view as a structure designer, Without the consepts of “the width of 2 or 3 DVD cases” and the early exposure of the Wii design at E3(2005), Wii couldn’t be small like this.

Ashida: When the members of our design team was discussing the blue pilot lamp, Takeda came and said aggressively “there should be a blue pilot lamp.” (laughs)

Takeda: It was received very well at E3…

Ashida: We managed to put the blue lamp into the slit inside the machine.(laughs)

Iwata: Precisely because we have a goal, Wii become like this. If there is a goal that we want to reach, it is better to head toward the goal rather than improve specs simply.

Takamoto: We couldn’t achive “as fanless as possible” without a goal, too. the heat value depends on IC chips, heat liberation depends on the design of the console… But there were a clear goal; fanless at night.

Iwata: I insisted on that, because I want Wii to be “the machine that never sleeps”. I think that when mother hear a noise of fan running, she would pull out the electric plug.(laughs)

Shioda: I am in charge of the semiconductor chips, and “fanless” was the hardest hurdle. On planning IC chips, some parts cannot be figured out if this is good plan or bad plan before manufacturing that chips actually, and there are a large time-gap between planning the archutecture and manufacturing them. We couldn’t do “trial and error” simply. Of course, we can simulate the chips by useing IC development tools, but the simuraltion result is not always the same as its actual result. After we manufacture them, we can finally figure out “this chip costs xx watt”. This kind of hardships is what I have never experienced before.

Iwata: When we produce a handheld machine, we always consider “little electricity” . This is the first time we consider “little electricity” of console machines, isn’t this?

Shioda: Yes. So, we managed it with the support of our handheld team and the IC chip company. There are also a lot of ideas which help achive “little electricity” sysytem as a whole. This was a very hard challenge, but Nintendo has know-how to find plobroms and solve them speedy. I think that’s why we could managed this challenge.

Iwata: There also a distinct challenge; costs. Takeda, I think you have experienced hardships about this challenge, didn’t you?

Takeda: Yes. But Wii was’t going to be a “gourgeous” machine from the beginning, so the plobrem of cost wasn’t so big. But we spend more money for console parts which old Nintendo did’t spend money for, such as Wii’s stand and slot-in disc drive. As Ashida said before (in interview part2), Wii is not a toy, but a machine for all people in the house, so I think Wii’s appearance is very important. The matter of cost and apearance is always conflicting, though.(laughs)

Ashida: For example, We used to use bumpy plastic, which is cheaper and can endure scratches. But this time we use coated, high quality plastic. Nintendo will continue seeking for good texture of the future products.

Iwata: The texture of the gaming console has become more important, to put it simply.

Ashida: That’s right. Of course, it doesn’t mean “high-class”. We are not aiming for cheapness, we are aiming for the quality that everybody can use. Functionaliry and durability as a toy are important, “not-cheap” appearance is also important.

Takamoto: …Well, while the design team were seeking for quality, we, the structure team, were seeking for cost-down. This is always the case.(laughs)

Ashida: (laughs)

Takeda: And, when Takamoto and Ashida have a conflict, they bring it to me.

All: (laugh)

Iwata: After years of discussion, we can produce a pruduct. Interview is ending. Last words for people wating for Wii.

Shioda: Wii is already reported as a totally new gaming console, but playing is believing. I want you to touch and feel Wii console, and experience its freshness.

Takamoto: I want Wii to set at the center of the living room, and to be played by all people in the household.

Ashida: From my point of view as Wii’s designer…Set it vertically! With the Wii’s stand, please!

All: (laugh)

Takeda: Wii is the first machine that Nintendo can update its OS(Operating System). So, possiblity of Wii can be enlarged in the future. You can look forward to this feature, and I am very excited about it too.

Iwata: Thank you. Through this interview, I feel that all processes that we did are necessary things, not wastes. It may sounds strange, but I myself am very excited now.