DS Lite body armor

Just today I was looking at my DS Lite and thinking about ways to prevent the outside of it from getting dirty/possibly getting damaged. I really dig the look of the system, and I don’t want to see it getting any scratches or something like that. Looks like they have a solution to my problem in Japan.


DS Lite body armor…you just slip it on over the outside of the DS Lite (top and bottom). They armor still leaves you room to take your games out, adjust the volume, and use any of the other features on the outside of the DS. The inside of the body armor is lined with spongy material at the corners to prevent from any scratching while putting the shield in place. A pretty nice idea, I would be very interested to see how well it works out.

That does it for me today, I am off to get some rest. Back to updates once I wake up. Has it hit you guys that this is the week we will most likely learn everything about the Wii that we’ve been dying to know?! It seems kind of surreal!


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