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We finally made it guys…here we are less than an hour to go until NCL’s event begins, and with it comes Wii info. While we may have to wait until tomorrow for territory specific info, we will at least get an idea of what to expect. I don’t doubt that a (mega)ton of you guys are really excited for this info, as am I. I just have a couple things to ask of you while we wait for the news.

If you were with us during LGC, you know that GoNintendo slowed to a crawl due to all the traffic at once. There is simply nothing I can do about that. There are a couple things that you guys can do to help, and I would really appreciate it!

First and foremost, the best place to hang out for this event is the IRC Chat. I am only one man, but the chat is FULL of readers. There is a much better chance that you will hear news in the IRC Chat before I post it. I will be on top of the situation as best I can, but the chat gives you many more people resources.

Please hang back from going comment crazy! I really appreciate your enthusiasm, and I always want to hear what you have to say. If you feel that you absolutely need to post something in the comments, then go ahead. Otherwise head over to the IRC and share it in real time with our readers!

The F5 key is GoNintendo’s enemy! I know that you guys are going to be refreshing a lot…it is expected. All I am asking is that you try to not do it 10 times in one minute! You will get the news, I absolutely promise…it will be there! The only problem is that if there is too much refreshing then the site slows…if the site slows then I have trouble posting…and if I have trouble posting, people refresh even more wondering where the news is! A vicious cycle indeed.

Lastly, if all else fails…and GoNintendo just gets too bogged down, there is a solution. I have opened up a GoNintendo Blogger page just incase. That way if GoNintendo stops working altogether, you can head there and see updates as well. Remember though…just because GoNintendo dies due to traffic, that doesn’t mean the IRC does! You can find the Blogger link below.

GoNintendo Just Incase blog

Having said all that…I hope you guys are as excited as I am! I was in the chat a few minutes ago, and the room was electrified! Nintendo fans have been waiting for this day a long time now…it feels good to finally have the info coming out way. This site couldn’t be a fraction of what it is without you guys, and what you bring to it. I am honored to have such a group of readers following GoNintendo…you make this entire moment right now worth all the hard work. Updates will occur within this story, right below here.

There are way too many conflicting reports as to when the conference is starting. All I can tell you for sure is to hang tight. The IRC is filling up fast, hop on in there while you still can!

By the way, you guys can go comment crazy on the blogger page if you like. Some people already have posted there! I’ll keep the Blogger page updated as well.

It appears that GWN is posting the wrong information, using a conference from last year. Stay tuned for real updates.

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