Charles Martinet interview - don't expect anymore Mario cartoons

A portion of a Kombo interview with Charles Martinet…

Kombo: …supposing Nintendo were to approve a longer Mario feature of some sort… say, a straight-to-DVD cartoon movie, or something of that sort; would you be interested in performing the characters for such an extended period of time?

: I would absolutely love it, if they did that. I don’t anticipate that, though, because… Mr. Miyamoto is a genius, he really knows… not only the ins and outs of the entertainment value of Mario, and these characters that he creates… but he knows sort of what he wants to do with them. I don’t think he really wants to create a cartoon series for TV or other… DVDs, or that sort of thing, because the value for him is in the games… I think. You know, I can’t really speak for him. But you know, if he changes his mind and he says “You know something? I want to make a cartoon,” I’ll be jumping up and down. *laughs*

Massive interview here

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