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GameStop - we don't want to scare away women, Wii supplies should be better this holiday season

by rawmeatcowboy
18 September 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A portion of an MTV Multiplayer interview with GameStop vice president of merchandising, Bob McKenzie…

Multiplayer: There’s a really nice, renovated GameStop on 33rd Street and Broadway in Manhattan. I believe it’s the company’s flagship store, and, unlike most GameStop’s, it bright and spacious. Ideally, what kind of a look and feel should a game store exude?

Bob McKenzie, VP of Merchandising, GameStop: The direction we want to go is making sure the female shoppers that come into our stores are not coming into a dark store that they may be intimidated shopping in. [We want them to be entering] an entertainment experience. Therefore stores will be less cluttered… The messaging is: ‘come in and find out what the entertainment within the store is all about.’

Multiplayer: If people are considering GameStop for their Holiday shopping and they’re looking for Wiis, what’s the best strategy for getting one at GameStop this season?

McKenzie: It’s been a unique ride for Nintendo to have the Wii going into a third year this November where the consumer may still be searching for it. Our look from Nintendo, though, is that it will be much, much better than it has been the last two years. I can’t say we will be in stock every day throughout the holiday season but I can tell you that the current flow we’ve seen coming from Nintendo on Wii hardware makes us very confident that we will meet the business model that we’ve got….

Full interview here