New confirmed Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles info

One of our readers (Temp89) emailed me about a messageboard posting over at the Capcom forums concerning Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Resident Wiivil to me!). I read the post and wanted to double check that the information within the post was true. I emailed Mr. Nilsen (Capcom board mod, Capcom Support) just to make sure all was confirmed. He has emailed me back and given me the go ahead, all the info you find below is indeed true. It starts off with some info we knew, and then goes into some more breaking details. Everything in bold is directly from the post.

Resident Evil Wii is finally confirmed. It’s called Umbrella Chronicles and it’s a game that ties up all loose ends throughout the series.
Similar to Outbreak, it’s split up in different chapters; you will be able to play as the main Resident Evil protagonists from the main series[From RE Veronica to RE4, prologue to RE5], as well as unlock additional characters.
Gameplay will be in 3rd person similar to RE4, but additionally the game takes advantage of the controller’s core features. -Puzzles and shooting will have a new twist to it.

New details are to be shown at TGS.

Also, previous rumors was made official.

Four chapters will be available, each chapter will have 2 playable characters
Chapter 1 - BH1 Mansion - Jill and Chris
Chapter 2 - BH2 RPD - Claire and Leon
Chapter 3 - BH3 Racoon City - Jill and Carlos
Chapter 4 - BH4 Village - Leon and Ada

Additional characters can be unlocked by playing the game, such as Rebecca Chambers, Hunk and Albert Wesker

The gameplay will be similar to BH4, use the Wiimote to trigger the over-the-shoulder view, use the nunchuk to fire

All characters will have different weapons and melee attacks like in BH4, you can find additional weapons in the stage

Each character can only carry 2 weapons, such as Chris’ pistol and shotgun, and Jill’s pistol and grenade launcher

The main game Scenario Mode will have in-game cutscenes, each chapter will have new contents which link to Umbrella’s status

There is an Arcade Mode which plays like the BH4 Mercenaries mini game

Huge thanks to Mr. Nilson for taking the time out of his day to confirm this info with us, and to Temp89 for the heads up!


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