On this Wii3 event in GoNintendo History - Sept 13-15


IMPORTANT GONINTENDO NEWS - Staff changes, email changes, and we want YOU!

Renchi & GoNintendo Wii Contest!

Wii rumors prior to launch info

Iwata interview

DS Lite Onyx pics

Common Sense Training screens

Matt C blog update

Famitsu Wii game list

Heroes of Mana DS

Altelier Iris for DS

DS software release dates

Furi Furi screens/logo

Wii to be on Aussie TV

FFXII DS spin-off

It’s a Wonderful World scan

Jump Ultimate Stars scans

Sonic and the Secret Rings screens

Tingle RPG scan

FYE Wii reserves

Samurai Warrior Wave details

Where did Wii Sports go (now we know!)

Tamagotchi Wii details

Pronto Games on Wii

Harvest Moon Wii release date talk

Gamespot Wii predictions

Wii announcement time

NCL Wii Event - The GWN issue

Non-Wii related news

NCL Wii Event - real deal this time

NoA Wii Event - Live blogged from NYC

That’s a wrap, and a thank you

Special banner news

The news that was missed while I was traveling (35 story links within this post)

NoA press release on Wii launch info

Opera free in Japan til June

NoA GoNintendo Flickr set

GoNintendo Wii Boxing video

GoNintendo Immersed in Wii video

GoNintendo TP controller mechanics video

GoNintendo Trauma Center: Second Opinion video

GoNintendo Super Mario Galaxy video

Wii conference vids

Big Brain Academy on Wii

Nintendo creates big worries/comfort

Mega Man ZX video

New Red Steel trailer

Analysts impressed by Wii showing

IGN hands-on TP

More Red Steel

Wii does well = Nintendo doing very well

Component cable with Wii (confirmed not true later)

Third parties on Wii pack-in game

Metroid Prime 3 video

Atelier Lisette scans

Translated Pokemon interview

Nap time for me

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz boxart

Major Nelson on Wii price

More Sam & Max on Wii talk

NoA conference video

SD Gundam Revolution teaser site

Heroes of Mana teaser site

Phoenix Wright 4 scan

Sega TGS lineup

Another Phoenix Wright 4 scan

Argos messes with us

More Naruto to DS/Wii?

NoE Wii event blogged in real time

Excite Truck videos

Pokemon Ranger screens

More MP3:C video

Wii region locked

Wario Ware Smooth Moves video

NoE Wii event swag

DQH:RS video

FFXII developer working on Wii

Glory Days 2 press release

Wing Island video

Shin Chan video

Ellen gives away a Wii!

Amazon Wii preorders open

1up editor REALLY digs Wii

DS Download Station new games

Kotaku thoughts on Wii announcement

All-in-one Wii post

Turtle power!

1up TP preview

More Wii Boxing

Castlevania: PoR preorder bonus

Korolimpa video

Samurai Warriors Wave screens

David Yarton interview (MP3:C online talk)

Wiimote compilation video

FFIII english screens

Wii reserves/preorder soon from Gamestop/EB

Wii retail box?

Confirmed Resident Wiivil info

Wii video cable info from our Nintendo rep

Bring Tingle to the US!

RRR video

NoE Wii event video/pics

Wii rumors persist

SMB:BB new mini game

Fire Emblem video

Wii dev kit

Hudson Japanese titles

Elite Beat Agents videos

New Zelda TP trailer

Nintendo is talking to Telltale about Sam & Max!

3 IGN updates

CoD3 Wii footage

Atlus Press Release - Confirmed Trauma Center for Wii launch

Trauma Center: SO pics

Possible Gamestop/EB Games Wii reserve details (trade ins a MUST)

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