Nintendo media summit - MadWorld - eyes-on impressions

Sega was being really weird with MadWorld. They weren’t letting anyone play the game…you had to watch a booth rep demo it. I heard rumors of a lucky few being able to wrestle the controllers away from Sega, but overall, we only got to watch. To prove my point, Sega demo reps were the only ones that carried around their Wiimotes/Nunchuks with them. When lunchtime came, the booth attendees went and grabbed their grub, and then ran off to the dining room. Sega booth reps took their Wiimotes/Nunchuks with them, and held onto them all through lunch.

We were told that the version of the game shown would give us a peek at a new level, but that turned out to be false. We got to see the same thing that was on-hand for Leipzig. I guess this was new for North American audiences. Honestly, there really isn’t anything new to tell you at all. You’ve seen all of this not too long ago, and there was nothing that stood out as new this time around.

The game still looks fantastic, has a truly unique sense of style/comedy, and is going to make plenty of parents uneasy. The only thing that is more frustrating than the game not being out…is having it 2 feet in-front of you, and not being able to play it. If I wanted to experience something like that, I would go watch Sin City again!

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