Nintendo media summit - Wii Music - impressions

Nintendo was pushing Wii Music pretty hard at the summit. They set up the demos in a quieter part of the floor, and also gave the game a special room. Out on the floor, there was a Wii Music setup, and then behind closed doors, you could go and have your own little concert. It’s obvious that Nintendo really wants you to experience Wii Music in the best situations possible. I just don’t know whether you will enjoy it once it ships.

There’s no two ways about it, core gamers will most likely not enjoy Wii Music. On the other end of the spectrum, families with young kids will probably fall in love with the game. I think Wii Music has some fantastic applications, and I really hope that the right outlets pick up on that. I think Wii Music could do wonders for schools, and developmental programs. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

I personally have been coming around with Wii Music. Much like Jeremy Parish, each time I play the game, I find myself becoming more accepting of what it offers. I actually enjoy myself a little more each time I sit down and play the flute…or harp…or dog. I can see our group of friends having some silly fun with the game, but I don’t see it lasting all that long. Still, I would like to own it for those instances where I feel that people could truly benefit from it.

As a traditional game, Wii Music doesn’t wow me. The thing is, Wii Music isn’t a traditional game. I don’t even know if its a game at all. It’s a tool, a learning tool. I am very interested to find out just what the public does with Wii Music when it comes out…if it doesn’t get snubbed by Wii owners around the world.

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