Nintendo media summit - World of Goo - impressions

World of Goo needs to stop being demoed, and start spending some time on my personal Wii. The first time we learned of this game was…Nintendo’s first WiiWare media summit! It was one of the big games demoed at the event, yet it still hasn’t shipped. We are just weeks away from release, since we now have a confirmed release date. If my playtime indicates anything, World of Goo is going to be another must-have WiiWare title.

World of Goo is not only hitting WiiWare, but PC as well. While the choice of PC or Wii doesn’t often come up for us, in this instance, I say the Wii wins hands-down. The Wiimote is perfect for this type of game. While it does perform the same basic functions as a mouse, actually moving your hand through space makes this game feel a lot more engaging. It almost becomes a tactile experience.

Of course, throwing in a co-op player is going to be another key selling point. That seemed to be the big thing to do while at the summit. I often saw pairs of two people playing World of Goo, even though I decided to go it alone for my playtime. Seeing other people team up to play made me really look forward to my own co-op experiences. World of Goo was one of the few games that had people laughing, and getting vocal while playing.

That’s partly because of the ridiculous puzzles. While the idea of connecting goo to reach a goal is simple, the execution is tough. There are some puzzles that will have you scratching your head for a long time coming. Not only that, but the real-world physics take everything to another level. This is going to be one of those puzzle games that tortures you, but keep things just fun enough to leave you addicted.

It controls perfect, it’s a puzzle game with a story, it offers co-op, and it’s completely addictive. If that isn’t a recipe for a top-notch WiiWare game, I don’t know what is.

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