Nintendo media summit - Personal Trainer: Cooking - impressions

Personal Trainer: Cooking…I have no idea why this game was at the show. I understand that Nintendo needs to promote it, but it’s not really a game you can demo. The only true way to experience this game that I can see is, having it at home and using one of the recipes to actually create a meal. The summit had quite an elaborate setup for the game, which was at the very least, fun to watch!

I flipped through the virtual pages of Personal Trainer: Cooking, but the real fun was checking out Nintendo’s setup. They had the hotel chef come down and set up a small kitchen area where he would prepare food. He was using the recipes in the software, and going through them step-by-step. His demo unit was hooking up to a TV/speakers, so you could see that he was following things by the book.

As the day went on, he created a number of meals. Of course, they were all absolutely delicious according to attendees. Of course they were…this guy is a chef! We could watch him prepare the meals, but you know that his years of expertise were definitely helping him out. When you actually get the software in your own kitchen, you can only hope that your creations turn out half as good as this guy’s work!

I think Personal Trainer: Cooking could be a big hit in the states. There is a big market for this type of thing, and I see it flying off shelves if promoted right. I am going to try making something, and I am sure it will come out a disaster. That will be no fault of the trainer, but of the chef.

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