Nintendo media summit - Rhythm Heaven - impressions

I have played Rhythm Tengoku Gold from start to finish. I also happened to review the game, which you can read right here. After that review, you know how I feel about the game from top to bottom. Still, I had to check out the localization. I really, really want Rhythm Heaven to do well in the states. Here’s to hoping that Nintendo gives it the push it will surely need.

The only thing to really speak of with Rhythm Heaven is the quality of the translation. Everything was in English this time around, so now I knew just how the games were being explained, and what my ratings meant after I finished a minigame. As you can guess, none of this was necessary to play and enjoy the game, since I have the import, and I can’t read one bit of Japanese. For me, it will be fun going through the localization just to see the minor changes.

As far as gameplay goes, Rhythm Heaven plays just like its Japanese counterpart. I closed my eyes and tested out the music, and I managed to play through all games just fine. That tells me that the rest of the game hasn’t been screwed around with during the localization process! I am going to love Rhythm Heaven just as much as I do Tengoku Gold.

If you are a music gamer, this title should be on your list of software to check out. Please, read the review, and find out why this is such a unique, challenging, and rewarding experience.

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