GoNintendo 'End of day' thoughts - Local multiplayer is where it's at


I have a feeling about this weekend…a good one. I think it’s going to be relaxing, and a lot of fun at the same time. Hell, this weekend’s podcast will feature the much-hyped Donkey Kong Jenga live-stream! That’s right, a DK Jenga competition, via webcam, being broadcast during the show. It’s almost too exciting!

If we are going to pull off such an amazingly entertaining show, I have to get some sleep! I’ll see you guys in a few short hours. I hope you are as pumped for the weekend as I am. You worked hard this week, you’ve earned some fun!


Yesterday, there was an article about online versus offline play. I talked a bit about how I think local multiplayer wins, hands down. If you have the friends to play alongside of you, than I don’t see how you could enjoy online play more. I admit that mixing local multiplayer into an online game is the best of both worlds, but as far as simple online versus offline goes, I’ll take offline anytime.


As I mentioned a few hours ago, some of the gang got together to celebrate Halloween, hang out, and enjoy some Guitar Hero World Tour. We had a bunch of friends (podcast crew and others) all having a go at the game. Seems like everyone loves the game, even though most of us have been following the series for awhile.


As far as my drum issue, I fiddled with the setup a bit, as did Nicky Hill. It looks like the pieces may have all snuggled in a bit more, and things are working out quite well now. When you can keep a 4x combo going for awhile, you can’t really call out the drums for screwing up. It looks like we had a bit of a false alarm…or I just got lucky.


We had a great time tonight. I love the way games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero bring people together to smile, laugh, play, have fun, and listen to some good music. I may be getting tired of the formula, but I’ll never get bored with the great times these games produce. I hope you guys get to enjoy experiences like this too. If you don’t…stop by the warehouse and we’ll jam!

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