Super Paper Mario still on Cube

Reader Popple wanted to know what the real deal was with Super Paper Mario. We have had a back and forth war with the game, hearing confirmations on both ends. Nintendo hasn’t made a public statement as to where the game will end up, but we have seen documents that support both sides of the arguement. Popple took the time to email the folks at Nintendo, and below is a portion of the response he received.

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Hello and thank you for contacting Nintendo,

You’ll be glad to hear that Super Paper Mario will still be a Nintendo GameCube game. However, the release date has changed. It is now listed as 4th Quarter (October, November, or December) 2006. As always (and you may have already read this), if you’re interested in future video game releases, our website’s Game List (www.nintendo.com/gamelist) is your best resource for official information. Once there, click “Show advanced filtering” and use the dropdown menus to narrow your search based on system, publisher, number of players, etc.

As for another confirmation, Nintendo’s official press site lists the game for Cube as well. No official word on if there will be a Wii version as well.

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