Even more Fusion Tour Wii impressions (pics too)

This email was sent to us by reader Moron9000. Forgive him if there are any spelling errors, he sent this just before bed! Hell, he shouldn’t worry…I know I spell things wrong all the time.

We were really excited to play the Wii. We got in and wow! The set-up was awesome. There were 8 Wii(s) all together. There were 7 games. Excite Truck (x2), Wii Sports Tennis, Wii Sports Bowling, Wii Sports Baseball, Wii Play Duck Hunt, WarioWare Smooth Moves, Metroid Prime 3.

There was a booth with stuff scattered on it plus a Booth girl telling me I could win A signed DS Lite. I entered on took some swag. My favorite item is the Elite Beat Agents Headphones. (I got the last pair.) None of the lines for the systems were too bad. 10-20 mins for everything but Metroid. Metroid was about two hours, but I’ll get back to that in a second. First up was Wii Sports Tennis. Very fun, but I totally lost. The Wiimote was a lot smaller then I first thought. Next was Exite Truck. The Staff guy told us to hold the Wiimote wrong, with the buttons facing the ceiling, instead of facing you. After crashing a couple times, I figured out how to really hold it.

After that came Wii Sports Bowling, I loved it. Bowling felt so smooth and true to the real thing. plus, I won. An great add-on to Wii Sports. Also, I may be featured in an Upcoming Nintendo Power becasue they were taking pictures of me playing the Wii and had me sign some forms. Sadly, that was the last Wii Game I played that night. :( On to the Metroid line. Luckly, to dull the waiting, we all had our DSs and we found 8 people to play Mario Kart. Then I happened. Whatever band was playing started to play some Mario music (sweet) and my buddy jumped out of line to tape it. Then, his Camera was nabbed by security. All of your videos and most pictures were confisacted and our SD card will be mailed to us later. BULL @$&*! So, sad to say, the only pictures I could get were the ones that were on my camera.

So after He got back in line, I was next to play Metroid… and I crashed. “Sorry, I don’t know what happened, I can’t get it to restart. Guess you’ll have to get in another line.” OK, Not his fault I guess, so I can’t get mad at him. We got inline for Wario Ware and I finally got the controller in my hand and the lights turned up and they turned off the games before I got a chance to play!

We didn’t particularly care for any of the bands that played so we just stayed for the the announcement of who won the DS. Then we went and got the Camera and left but, lets backtrack a bit, The DS you say? Great suff there. Final Fantasy III and Elite Beat Agents were enought for me. However, I was extreamly disappointed by the first two song selections in Elite Beat Agents, Ex. Skater Boy followed by Y.M.C.A. Blah.

Bigger Line
Excite Truck
From the stairs 2
Fusion Tour Bus
Me   Wii
Wii Sports Tennis
Wii Stand
Wii Tennis
Wii up close
Wiimote is small

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