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The Wii blue light - what's the deal?

by rawmeatcowboy
03 October 2006
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The last few days everyone has been wondering what the deal is with the blue light on the Wii. We have seen it on, we have seen it off, and most recently, we have seen it completely turned off at all the stops of the Fusion Tour. I saw the discussion of the blue light pop up in an earlier comments section today, which was filled with back and forth confirmations. I made a point to talk to a Nintendo rep about the blue light so we can put an end to all the rumors!

Wii scaled

The final retail version of the Wii will indeed have that beautiful blue light beaming from the media slot. The thing is, it will not be lit up the entire time you are using the console. The only light that will be on the entire time is the tiny green indicator light, showing that the system has power. The blue media slot light is turned on when you power up the Wii. This is utilized so that you can see the slot in low light situations, and still be able to slide in a Wii or Cube game.

The rep was quick to point out that he had no idea whether or not there was an option in the Wii setup that allows you to leave the light on at all times. He said as far as he knows, that option wasn’t there…but he could have missed it. Most likely there isn’t an option there, but I guess we won’t know for sure until the Wii launches.

I hope that clears up the situation for everyone. Now how do you feel about it?!