Xfire on the way to Wii?

First up, ane explanation of Xfire incase you don’t know what it is.

Xfire is a freeware instant messaging service targeted toward gamers. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to detect what video game a particular contact is running and allowing IMs to be sent and received from inside the game in question, eliminating the need to minimize the game window.

Now an excerpt from an Xfire article over at GameSpot. Keep in mind that the article was focused on Xfire for the PS3.

“We are in talks with one other console maker,” Cassidy said, a likely reference to Nintendo, which is set to launch the Wii in the US two days after Sony releases the PS3. The only other console maker of note, Microsoft, has built its own Xbox Live service from the ground up, and has announced its own cross-platform plans to integrate it with cell phones and PCs with Live Anywhere.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one! Thanks to Justin for the heads up!


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